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Audi (Audi) is a German company specializing in the production of passenger cars. Part of the concern «Volkswagen».

The company "AUDI" was founded in 1909 by August Horch. Its origins go to a non-existent now, but not less known in the past the company Horch, starring at the German sky during the third Reich. In 1899 the talented inventor August Horch founded in Mannheim company "Horch and Company", which is 4 years moved in Zwickau. In 1909 he built a new 6-cylinder engine, which was not a success, and was almost brought the firm to the brink of bankruptcy, which was enraged by his companions, who decided to deal with the inventor and to banish him from her own firm. But Horch immediately close founded another company, which, of course, also bore the name "Horch". His former companions, feeling in the young firm is strong competitor, August Horch in court with the demand to change the company name. According to the court, the new enterprise on release of cars could not bear the name Horch, and August Horch appealed to the Latinized version of the former names: the word horch, German meaning “look”, AUDI became. So in 1909 was born the famous trade mark and the no less famous company AUDI.

His first car under the name AUDI-A was released in 1910. The following year, followed the model AUDI-Century Three such machines Horch exhibited in June 1911 the first races Autologous of Alpenfest in the Austrian Alps length of about 2500 km, which replaced the famous race for the prize of the German Prince Henry.

In 1912 appeared the most famous model of the AUDI - S. In the same year her first samples have passed a serious test for the next Alpine races and achieved good results, for which the hire series was called "Alpensee" or "Conqueror of the Alps". In 20-ies the company AUDI was on the brink of bankruptcy. She had to merge with another firm. In 1928 the company was acquired by the German DKW, the owner of AUDI became the Jorgen Skaft Rasmussen. In 1932 the economic crisis has prompted a number of German companies to the creation of group Auto Union. It included along with DKW and Wanderer former firm rivals "Horch and AUDI. The group released two models with front-wheel drive and the engine Wanderer. Cars sold well until the beginning of the Second world war.

After the Second world war, AUDI and other firms-partners of the Auto Union were nationalized. They were reorganised in a division of the national Association of enterprises producing vehicles".

In 1949 Auto Union was reformed by attracting a majority of the shares of the company Mercedes-Benz.


In 1958 Mercedes-Benz acquired a controlling stake in the Auto Union, but then sold them Volkswagen. After the transition in 1965. the control packet of shares to Volkswagen, began to apply the name AUDI. Shortly after this event, was released a new car with front-wheel drive, and by the end of 1968. AUDI's return to the market, with a good range of models and excellent sales statistics. As the emblem were saved four of the circle, symbolizing the incident in 1932 the merger of four companies.

Model "100", appeared on the market in 1968, and its followers, including the famous Audi Quattro was different sports profile and drive on all four wheels, which was a new milestone in the automotive industry in Germany. It Quattro model, introduced in 1980, gave a powerful impulse to development of motor industry and has brought us AUDI, a subsidiary of Volkswagen, the world fame. It was easy, fast car "Gran Turismo" with great stability, the type of vehicle for rallying. Competitors it was difficult to compete with this Quattro rally. Model exclusively performed well in several races.

In 1969 Volkswagen bought Neckarsulmer Automobilwerke. As a result, the company name has changed, the firm was named Audi NSU Auto Union, and in the summer of 1985 the company's name was changed again in AUDI AG.

From 1970 to begin export of Audi in the United States. First, exports to the U.S. were limited Audi Super 90 (sedan and wagon)and the new Audi 100. Since 1973 he joined Audi 80. which, in contrast to European options, existed as a generalist Audi 80 (actually VW Passat Variant with a higher level of integration). Later models Audi has been on the U.S. market their own designations: Audi 4000 for Audi 80. Audi 5000 for the Audi 100. However, repeated violations of the producer's responsibility for its products from the mid-1990s led to a decline in deliveries of AUDI in the USA.


In 1980 all-wheel-drive sports coupe has attracted much attention on the Audi stand at the Geneva motor show. First automobile-wheel-drive, high-power car was offered in the form of the Audi quattro concept of a full drive, till now used only in trucks and SUVs. The idea of such passenger car appeared in the winter of 1976/77 during the trial races are being developed for the Bundeswehr 4WD VW Iltis. Excellent behavior of the car when driving on ice and snow led to the idea to implement a full drive VW Iltis in serial AUDI 80. Also developed a version of the increased power is presented in the autumn of 1979 five-cylinder turbo engine 2.2 liter capacity of 147 kW / 200 HP

In 1982 Audi 80 quattro has launched the large-scale manufacture of a constant full drive. Gradually quattro concept was offered for the other series models of the AUDI.

Based on the AUDI 80 was produced sports coupe (Audi Coupe), which debuted in late 1993. Version with a body convertible for the first time was presented in Geneva in 1991. This veteran of the family AUDI in the middle of 2000 was discontinued. Since 1992 they have been made about 72 thousand pieces

In December 1990, was presented the new AUDI 100 (internal designation C4), which for the first time in the history of the enterprise was offered also with a six-cylinder engine V-shaped. Compact (128 kW. 174 HP) HP engine with working volume of the engine 2.8 litre was the shortest and lightest in their class.

AUDI A4 is the successor to the AUDI 80, produced in 1986-1994 the First was submitted in October 1994. The year 2001 saw the light of the universal A4 Avant and coupe-cabriolet A4 Cabrio, which will receive a folding hard-top roof (as Mercedes-Benz SLK) and, obviously, will be assembled at the plant of the company Karmann.

The Audi A8 is the flagship of the AUDI for the first time was shown in February 1994 In may 1994 was presented to the audience a five RS2 Avant with a 2.2-liter 315-strong injection turbo engine.


The Audi A3 is created on the platform of Golf IV. The first show of the models was held in June 1996. Production of the AUDI A3 began in 1997.

The AUDI A6 was first presented with a sedan, Geneva motor show in 1997. In February 1998, was represented in the model A6 Avant station wagon. All models C4 platform was removed from production in the summer of 1997 in connection with the development of a completely new A6 (4B-type).

Since the show conceptual Audi A2 in the autumn of 1997, before the serial production (beginning of 2000) model A2 a little more than two years. So at AUDI's new family of cars of the European dimension of the class b

AUDI S4/S4 Avante/RS4, high-power sports modification AUDI A4 engine 2.7 V6 Biturbo. For the first time was presented at the motor show in Frankfurt in 1997. In 1999 was presented modification RS4 Avante engine 2.7 V6 Biturbo (380 HP).

Sports car AUDI TT with the coupe was first presented in Geneva in September 1998, with the body Roadster - in August 1999. The prototype model was introduced in 1995 at the motor show in Frankfurt / main.


AUDI S3, sports modification AUDI A3 with engine 1.8 20V turbo engine and all-wheel drive transmission with high capacity. Was first introduced in March 1999.

AUDI S8, high-power sports modification AUDI A8 engine 4.2 V8 Quattro drive. Was first shown at the beginning of 1998.

AUDI Allroad, model SUV based on the A6 Avant, was first presented in February 2000.

Now AUDI , which is an integral part of Volkswagen, is experiencing rapid growth. This success became possible thanks to new developments of the company.

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